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Jersey Bites is a collaborative website of food writers in New Jersey. We write about restaurants, recipes, food news, food products, events, hunger relief programs, and anything else that tickles our taste buds. Why? you may ask. Well, because we believe that the Garden State has food to celebrate and we’re just the bunch to do it.   This site’s mission is to spotlight all that is great in the Garden State. We have a strong community of like-minded readers and fans on FaceBook & Twitter.  Join us, won’t you?

How we operate

Jersey Bites Restaurant Reviews badgeRestaurant Reviews: Our policy is to recommend restaurants we have personally enjoyed. We do not post negative reviews. There are plenty of places on the internet for negativity. If you want Restaurant bashing, please visit Yelp or Chow.com. All of our writers are volunteers. They do not get paid to write reviews or to eat bad food. If we have a bad experience at a restaurant, we just won’t be recommending it. If you have a bad experience at one of the restaurants we write about (and it happens) you are welcome to leave a comment under the review with your honest input on what went wrong.

Requesting Reviews: Restaurants who contact us to request a visit are put on the “radar list.” We never promise to come out and cover a restaurant nor do we notify restaurants that we are coming.

Subscribing: If you subscribe via email to Jersey Bites and find that you are getting too many updates in your inbox, you should know that there are other subscription options. Did you know that you can subscribe just to our Recipes section? If you just want to receive restaurant reviews via email, subscribe here. Look for the box on the right below the ads that says “Get Your Bites Via Email.” Or, if you are interested in just getting news that pertains to your county, you can subscribe on that county’s page. Just click on the linked county in the Left column and subscribe to that page’s updates. We’d hate to lose you as a subscriber just as things are really getting good. We’ve got big plans for Jersey Bites and we want to make sure you are part of all the fun.

Writers:  We are always looking for new contributors. If you are a budding or experienced food writer and don’t mind the lack of pay, you’ve come to the right place.  We are one big happy family of food enthusiasts and we are fortunate enough to get quite a few invitations to special food events that we happily share with our writers. So, if you’ve got the chops,  send us an email and some samples of your writing.

Advertising: Jersey Bites is a popular destination for food lovers in New Jersey. If your target market resides in New Jersey or if your products appeal to food enthusiasts, Jersey Bites is a perfect fit for your advertising campaign.  We also partner with many other hyper-local blogs here in New Jersey to provide the best exposure for your company. Click here for more information on Advertising on Jersey Bites and the New Jersey Online Media Group.

Media Requests: Deborah Smith is the Founder and Executive Editor of JerseyBites.com.  Deborah is available for interviews, food event judging, panel participation and guest appearances. Please contact info@jerseybites.com.

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