Product Pick: Two Guys Jersey Tomato Sauce

I have a new love in my life; well, actually two new loves. My first introduction to the Two Guys Jersey Tomato Sauces was when their PR company sent me a bottle to sample several months ago. I loved the sauce, but life got in the way and I sort of forgot about writing a review. Not sort of, I did forget. But when I bumped into the owner at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival (and happily saw them doing so well), I remembered my review. So yesterday, when I saw a bright red stack of the jars at my local Foodtown, I knew it was time to give these boys the credit they deserve. I bought two jars and taste tested to my hungry heart’s content.

The Two Guys Sauces proudly display the “Jersey Fresh” seal (for tomatoes). The ingredients couldn’t get any simpler: tomatoes, onions, garlic, imported Italian olive oil, fresh basil, sea salt, fresh oregano, and black pepper, and with no added sugars or preservatives.

The result is a fresh, clean, robust, homemade flavor. I tried their Spicy sauce first and, let me tell you, they’re not fooling around. I am a huge spicy food fan, and this stuff leaves a nice sting—not too overpowering if you can tolerate heat; if you can’t, stick to their Marinara or Tomato Basil. Last night I tossed the Tomato Basil sauce with some browned ground lamb, olives, and crumbled goat cheese over whole wheat pasta. It was out of this world. Give that one a try if you like lamb.

Owners and Jersey natives, Scott Stark and David Stoff  have done Jersey proud with their new line of sauces. Make room at your dinner table for Two Guys Tomato Sauces and you won’t be sorry. For a list of stores where you can find the Two Guys Jersey Tomato Sauce, click here.

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Author:Deborah Smith, Executive Editor

Deborah Smith is the Founder and Publisher of, a collaborative website focused on food news in New Jersey.

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  1. Debbie McDougald
    September 30, 2011 at 6:18 am #

    I was born and raised in south Jersey. My parents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in November. I live in FL now and I’m trying to find websites where I can buy products from New Jersey such as tomatoes and corn. Tomatoes and corn in FL can’t match Jersey’s. I’m putting a basket together of products from places they lived, met, married and raised us kids. Do you have any sites you can help me with. I’d love to buy your tomato sauce but unable to find out if I can buy online. Thank you.

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