Foyster’s in Riverside

Published On May 14, 2010 | By Deborah Smith, Executive Editor | Burlington County, Restaurants, Reviews

Looking for a restaurant with a relaxing, inviting atmosphere and a variety of good food at a reasonable price? Look no further than Foyster’s in Riverside, New Jersey.

Foyster’s is a new addition to the small town of Riverside. It’s out on the back roads by the river, so not a place you are likely to stumble upon. Settled beside a picturesque marina and placed directly on the water, Foyster’s offers a rare riverside dining experience in Burlington County.

The site has been a restaurant off and on for many years, but owner Jamie Foy has added her own touches in an effort to make the restaurant a special gathering spot.  Foy says she chose the location because of the beautiful view of the river and says that it is a place where you can “put your feet up.”  If the weather permits, choose seating on the deck.  The restaurant has a boat dock, and if you are lucky you can study the hungry river explorers as they come ashore for a bite to eat.

The menu at Foyster’s features a variety of food options. Diners can choose a burger or a hot dog as well as several pasta, steak or chicken dishes. The steak salad is a highlight with strips of filet cooked just right over a wedge of lettuce and vegetables. Burgers come with freshly made potato chips.

Foyster’s is a family restaurant and would be a good place for lunch with a child who enjoys the outdoors.  Jamie Foy says the restaurant is also “beautiful at night,” and hopes patrons will come take advantage of the natural romance of riverside dining.

Foyster’s is located at 625 Harrison Street in Riverside, NJ at Lightening Jack’s Marina. Try it for a relaxing lunch or a dinner date with someone special.

Jennifer Ellis May is excited to be working with Jersey Bites in Burlington County. Originally from Missouri, Jennifer is embracing all it means to be a Jersey girl. She enjoys every aspect of food from cooking to gardening, but her best skill is eating. Her other interests include books, flowers, animals and swimming. Jennifer currently works as a freelance writer and has published articles and fiction in a variety of print and online publications. She lives in Burlington County with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. You can contact Jennifer at

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13 Responses to Foyster’s in Riverside

  1. Verve says:

    6/11/10 – Friday night. Had our first visit to Foysters. Beautiful night to be on the water & to enjoy the sunset. Arrived at 8pm. Dinner wait until 8:15. No big wait, great we were hungry, although we should have left when we heard the mediocre band playing. Appetizer arrived around 8:40, Calamari, was good, but could have used some lemon & more marinara.

    1 hour passes by. No dinner entree. Waitress never comes by to tell us that things are very delayed in the kitchen. We finally ask at 9:50 if our dinner is not cooked, we will pass. If it is cooked, we will take it to go. We were told by the hostess that it was “plated”. Another 10 minutes goes by so obviously the plated excuse was bs. We finally decide to leave and ask at the front desk to get meal to go.

    We weren’t the only people that waited forever to eat. Many tables were commenting that they were there for 2 hours. Watched a couple of couples leave and never received entrees.

    The most disappointing thing was when we arrived home to eat our “take out” meal it was not prepared as requested. I specifically asked for no red pepper in the meal which was all over my dish. The pasta was also overcooked as well as the sweet sausage.

    Even with this negative review, I hope this place gets it together. We need more waterfront places in our area. So please heed some suggestions:
    a) If things are delayed in the kitchen, please advise your patrons vs ignoring them.
    b) owner/manager should be doing more to run this restaurant better besides just walking around to tables greeting guests.
    c) Figure out how to best utilize your kitchen.

    I’ll give you guys a shot again but not until later in the summer so it will give you time to get your act together. I truly hope you can or we won’t be visiting a third time.

  2. Janice Gibbons says:

    We dined at the restaurant on Saturday night,the food was wonderful.And so was the service.We had absolutely no problems.Loved the view.Cant wait to return.

  3. Ben says:

    The setting for Foyster’s can’t be beat along with the live music it is ashamed the food was such a disappointment. The waiter didn’t bother to write down what we ordered so 3 out of 6 entrees were wrong. The other 3 were ready for deserts and the other 3 still needed their entrees. Food was bland along with the owner who seated us. Never once came over to our table to see it everything was alright. We will not be back.

  4. Kathy says:

    The deck is a lovely place to sit and eat, however, the service is incredibly slow and the food is bland and mediocre at best. Our food today took over an hour to come out and there were only two other tables so they weren’t exactly busy. This was our third and final visit to Foysters. It’s been this bad or worse each time. We will not be going back.

  5. Rich says:

    We visited Foysters 6 times now and put up with one thing or another. Once the shoestring potatoes placed on top of the tuna steak were cold and rubbery. They fixed that with a new, hot crispy batch. Last time I went we had the oyster soup. It was served warm, almost cold. We asked them to nuke it in the microwave, and it was delicious. The calimari was soggy like the oil was not hot enough. She needs to pay attention to the food, long wait, and most importently, the COOK. People are giving this place a try and not coming back.

  6. Lyn says:

    We LOVE this place any time, but weekend evenings are the best. Great food, great service, live music, beautiful views. It feels like you’re on vacation in the islands. We come by boat and they have ample dock space directly in front of the restaurant. I’m surprised at the bad reviews. We’ve had dinner there many times and we will definitely be back. It’s the best dining establishment on the water!

  7. s.hatley says:

    We just returned from a very disappointing dinner at Foysters.
    Ther were 6 of us and no one was happy!
    The dinners came with no salad no sides and very little on the plate. The cost of the meals were too pricey for what we were served!
    My potatoes were cold, my pork roast was fatty.
    We will NEVER go back!!!

  8. Martin Walsh says:

    We went for lunch on 8/26 and it is a great Water Front spot.

  9. Ken says:

    I brought in 6 friends for lunch on 9/17, everything was excellent. Maybe change the menu from time to time.

  10. Holly Reid McLaughlin says:

    June 3, 2011
    Oh, what a wonderful place to enjoy your own wine and a delicious dinner. The vibe is fun and the setting is beautiful. My oyster appetizer was exquisite and my scallops in a delicate herb sauce were delightful. The New York cheesecake at the end, well, it’s what cheesecake is supposed to be. The portions were perfect — enough to enjoy but not so much there was a struggle to finish. Service: simply excellent. I was very pleased and I’m the picky type.

  11. Jim Deegan says:

    On June 18, 2011. Went to Foysters in Riverside for lunch. The setting was very nice on the deck, but smoking is permitted and was overwhelming from just 2 other tables. We had a cup of “oyster” chowder that was totally lacking any oysters, but tasty. Then we had “fried oysters” that were truly the smallest oysters we have ever had and for $8.50 with no sides. They were served with a completely charred and burned piece of toast. We ordered a side of fries that were only a half order. Our waitress said that she had asked for additional fries but they never came. We will not be going back to Foyster’s in Riverside and will not try their other place that moved into the old McCrossin’s location. I would give this place no more than 1 star.

  12. Terry Monaco,Philadelphia,PA says:

    Frequent this restaurant often in the summer, at least two times a week and sometimes it is slow, but the staff is friendly and the food is always good. Sorry so many people had negative reviews and glad I had a good one.

  13. jack blackson says:

    made several trips to FOYSTERS last summer, it was a great place to visit,byob , pet friendly, and if you smoke its cool…even the smokers were considerate…my neighboring table asked if we mind…we were suprised to see so many complaints when looking for their opening …the food was a little pricy but as explained it was made to order…not like at home when it takes time to prepare….our server was very nice at keeping us entertained and aquainted with the others around us… he make the wait and the experience as a whole very pleasurable….or as he put it he brought some color to the joint…lol…my advice, try it for your self….

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