Governor’s Cup Awards Presented at Blues, Wine & BBQ Festival

This year's wnners for Winery of the Year, Best Overall Wine, Best Fruit Wine and Best Dessert Wine were awarded on Saturday afternoon at Schooley’s Mountain Park.


Farm to School Program Brings Jersey Fresh Produce to Students’ Plates

Introduced and supported by the USDA, New Jersey’s Farm to School program aims to bring Jersey Fresh produce directly from New Jersey farmers to students’ plates.


Jockey Hollow Reveals Signature Burger’s Secret Sauce 

The CC Burger (named after Cannon) comes on a housemade potato roll with American Raclette cheese sourced from Virginia, a slab of local mangalista bacon and salt & pepper fries. It’s topped with a kicky sauce (more on that later).


New Jersey Wine Trails

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When Expedia asked Jersey Bites about culinary adventures in New Jersey, I knew right away that the Garden State’s glorious wine trails would be the way to go.


Strawberry Season is Upon Us. Make the Most Out of it with these Tips from Author Rachel Weston.

According to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, limited quantities of berries will be available the first week of June this season. By the second week in June things should be in full swing. Learn how and where to pick and preserve your juicy, Jersey Fresh harvest while it's here.


This Week's Foodie Things to Do. 

Cookoffs, Wine Festivals, Food Trucks and more. 





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